Spetses Photography, Greece, is pleased to offer a
limited annual release
100 numbered and signed, archive quality prints.

All of the photographs are views of Spetses,or,
views taken from Spetses of the surrounding landscape.

This gallery is designed to celebrate Spetses uniqueness, refresh old memories and hopefully inspire new passion.

As the collection grows we hope it will become an online photographic record, not only of the Island and the surrounding landscape, but it’s spirit.

We apologise for the need to watermark the photographs in this gallery and hope it doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the beautiful Greek landscape.

Each photograph is chosen for it's ability to convey the essence of the island. Preserved moments to be enjoyed by the people who know and to promote the island to those who do not.

Spetses offers a comfortable and appealing balance between the old and new, for those who respect tradition and embrace change. Situated in breath taking landscape the Island supports a thriving and welcoming community, proud of their history and traditions.

Spetses is a unique and special island, we hope this gallery reflects this.

In response to requests and the support we have received, we are pleased to offer a very limited annual release of 100 numbered and signed archive quality prints. Restricting total annual sales reflects the special nature of this gallery and enables us to produce only the finest quality photographs. Protecting not only the uniqueness of the work but also our customer’s investment in this collections future.